Muasir (means ‘a contemporary’) is his Takhallus (pseudonym).  He considers Gnanpeeth Award winner and Urdu poet of repute,  (late) Shahryaar Sahib as his Guru. He steals time from his other self and the world to pen down his reflections, insights, experiences in what he calls the most beautiful language in the world –  URDU.

Shaayad Yaheen se ho, a collection of ghazals and nazms, got published in 2012.  He has collaborated with young as well as noted musicians, singers and dancers to convert his own poetry into audio and video renditions. His second album is in works with singing legends like Bhupinder singh and Mitali lending their voices to over a dozen ghazals of his.

He also writes poetry in Hindi, Telugu and English while Tamil is his mother tongue.  He is adept at over a dozen languages. He teaches Hindi, English and Urdu for children at Indus World School.

We are speaking about Satya Narayanan R ( or just Satya, to most), an alumnus of IIM Bangalore and the founder- Chairman of Career Launcher.  One of his accomplishments is to keep his Urdu or poetic identity a well-guarded secret for reasons best known to him.

Speaking about the Satya that the world is well aware of,  his creation (Career Launcher) is active in the areas of  test prep, publishing, schools ( indus world school) and vocational training for the rural and the urban under-privileged youth. Currently, CL is present in over 250 locations across India and Middle East and would service over a million learners this year alone.  For more –

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