Kashmir ki subah

You look like a yogi in meditation – still, calm and tranquil
Yet at times, you look like a bewitching enchantress
Which of these two that I see is the real you
Dal’ looks like a flowing pallu on your gorgeous self
Or are they your tresses that add to your elegance as you move
A few adventurous clouds dive down to steal a kiss
And rise to shout their trophy to their peers up above
When I see this I am convinced you are a seductress
And that the yogi that I see is my mere imagination
The only sounds that I hear are the chirping of the birds
Louder than these is only the stillness of the breeze
Even my heartbeat causes interruptions to my meditative thoughts
As if a yogi has overcome me and guides me to sadhana
When I feel so, I am convinced you are a yogi in trance
And I am here to be one with you per chance
Whoever you are,
You are an art handcrafted by Lord
When He was at leisure and keen to play God
He was also keen that I am one with his creation
He made chashm e shahi as a gallery for me to savour your beauty

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